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We build DeFi products on top of trusted protocols to deliver infrastructure that let’s you focus completely on your business.

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For your company

Treasury growth

We offer the possibility to grow your companies treasury in an easy, intuitive and secure way. Earn more by investing in our high performing strategies.

For your customer

High earnings

Thanks to our strategies your customers will be earning more in comparison to traditional bank rates and other CeFI entities. No hidden fees and no locked assets.

Stable coins

AVG Yield on
stable coins

Why choose 2PI?

Plug-and-play API

Focus on what you build rather than how to build it, our API removes all the complexity and overhead of interacting with Defi protocols.

Frictionless access

Deposit, withdraw and manage assets with just a few lines of code. No hidden fees, no commissions, no locked assets

Compliant by design

Unlock DeFi super powers entering asset pools backed exclusively by verified and trusted partners.

Security first

All our smart contracts are regularly audited by certified third parties to prevent any possible vulnerability.

We provide the DeFi infrastructure so you can focus completely on your business.

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Trusted partner
Maker DAO


    One of our key differentiators is that we build custom strategies on top of blue-chip protocols, which lets us provide a higher quality yield rate to our partners.
    Our solutions are fully non-custodial and transactions are always handled on your end.We will not have control or access to your funds at any given time.
    Setting up and connecting to our API takes just a few lines of code. You can be up and running in one seating thanks to our docs and step by step guides.Once on board you can leverage your 2PI integration in any way you want.
    There are no minimum or maximum balance limits or requirements to operate with 2PI.
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